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Goodby Renault!!

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Goodby Renault!! Empty Goodby Renault!!

Post by pittstop on Wed 14 Aug 2019 - 12:47

No we haven't sold the Wind but my wife has traded in her 6 yr old Captur for a new Honda Jazz.

It's a top of the range EX Navi with auto transmission in a great shade of ORANGE.

The Captur was Black with Orange roof, mirrors & wheels but she's gone the whole Orange experience this time.

Only had it two weeks so far & she is well pleased with it.

The latest Jazz has all the benefits of previous models: reliability; space; quality; & a very high loyalty rating in the form of customers buying the same car again; but it has gained more style which sets off the Orange paint job well.

She's let me have a go & it's a good drive. Not as taut as the Wind but correspondingly smoother. Just have to get used to the redundant left leg!
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