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Renault Alpine

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Renault Alpine Empty Renault Alpine

Post by Barbs on Sat 20 Feb 2016 - 13:55

Just been reading this Don't think I will be able to afford one

lpine Vision Concept we saw earlier could also spawn a convertible? We certainly hope so after seeing this rendering by X-Tomi Design. Renault is good at making convertibles in many different styles. For example, the discontinued Wind model had a piece of metal that swings back, while the Megane CC has a complex folding hard-top configuration like the BMW 4 Series.

But there hasn't been a fabric top on a Renault since the Mk1 Megane of over a decade ago. This formula would be perfect for the Alpine. Because it's a small car, it could have a manually-operated top, just like the Miata. We are clearly overthinking this, especially when there's not a lot of information about the production car.

For now, we know only that the concept car shown by the French is 80% production-based. The rumors say that it will weigh 1.1 tons (2,425 lbs), making the Alpine a lot lighter than a Cayman but still heavier than the carbon-built Alfa Romeo 4C. Speaking of which, the Italians chose to make a Targa instead of a cabriolet. This simple solution would be ideal for preserving the structural rigidity and adding as little weight as possible. However, it just doesn't strike us as being French enough.

Renault is playing the engine card close to the chest, and nobody knows precisely what will power the Alpine revival. The last rumor suggested an all-new 1.8-liter turbo would be derived from the 1.6-liter of the Clio RS. We are aware that the Megane RS should also have such an engine, but it may be down on power. You see, while the least powerful Porsche 718 Boxster or Cayman packs 300 PS, the Alpine will offer between 250 and 300 PS.

Driving dynamics and style are critical, but losing a drag race against a Golf R might spoil the appeal of the Alpine sportscar.


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Renault Alpine Empty Re: Renault Alpine

Post by LukeC on Sat 20 Feb 2016 - 16:00

Interested to see one in the flesh; let's hope first year depreciation makes them affordable for us all.

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Renault Alpine Empty Re: Renault Alpine

Post by Araf on Wed 24 Feb 2016 - 23:47

I think I'd rather have something German or Italian for the money that they are going to be.

We can only hope that Renault can the project, and flog them all off cheap here - then I'll have one, and swear about it too. Smile

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Renault Alpine Empty Re: Renault Alpine

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