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Clutch Shudder on 1.6

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Clutch Shudder on 1.6 Empty Clutch Shudder on 1.6

Post by pittstop on Mon 29 Apr 2019 - 15:16

Have been sensing a little shudder recently on releasing the clutch from standstill & whilst reversing up my sloping drive.

Deliberately slipping the clutch a few times made no difference which eliminated the likelyhood of clutch plate contamination.

Thank goodness for that as it could have been a sign of a failing crankshaft oil seal. 

Then looked at top engine mounting (drivers side).

Checked tightness of bolts holding mounting to engine & body One was slightly not as tight as the others but nothing to write home about.

Then tried the nut in the centre of the mounting itself & lo & behold it was loose.

Gentle tighten up & shudder gone.

Would that all problems were that easily fixed!
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