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Old Engine Oil

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Old Engine Oil Empty Old Engine Oil

Post by renton beersworth on Mon 20 Jan 2020 - 15:55

No laughing please, but I often visit charity and junk shops in search of old motoring magazines and memorabilia.  So here are two stories I found recently regarding the disposal of old engine oil.
No 1. A January 1963 edition of Popular Science, where the article accompanied by a diagram, suggests digging a hole in the earth, filling it with gravel then pouring the old oil into it. It goes on to say that by the time you next need to dispose of old oil, the previous lot will have dispersed into the soil
No 2. A July 1975 edition of What Car where the article states : You are not allowed to pour oil down drains, you must dispose of it by taking it to a disposal centre or "burying it".
Wow, how things have changed. R.B.

renton beersworth
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Old Engine Oil Empty Re: Old Engine Oil

Post by pittstop on Wed 22 Jan 2020 - 9:23

As you say: Times have changed.

I can remember in the 60s my father disposing of oil via the drain when he serviced our Jowett!

Perhaps all that buried oil from years back could by recovered by Fracking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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