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Holiday in Cassis

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Holiday in Cassis Empty Holiday in Cassis

Post by pittstop on Mon 1 Jul 2019 - 14:59

Just returned from a holiday on the Med (Cassis) with the return journey in temperatures up to 44C.

Apart for slight noticeable hesitations as the Climate Control cut in & out it: didn't miss a beat; cruised happily at 4000rpm for hours on end; used no oil; averaged 36mpg & kept us comfortable & cool in the French heatwave during our 1700 mile round trip. 

Didn't put the roof down as often as hoped for as some days it was just too hot but just had to go topless to do the Route de Cretes between Cassis & La Ciotat.

Also drove into Marseilles for a day out. It was as bedlamic as expected but worth the trip & no damage done despite the best efforts of some local drivers!!

Yet again the Wind delivered on all fronts as a great holiday motor for two. A sort of Gran Tourer in miniature.

Needless to say didn't see another Wind whilst we were over there!!!!
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