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DIY Service

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DIY Service Empty DIY Service

Post by MovingShadow on Sat 25 Apr 2015 - 6:57

So I started doing my own service on my Wind at my Mechanic night school classes.
I have to say, this perticular car and engine type isn't the easiest to work on compared to other brands and models.

The oil filter is in an akward position. The plug to drain the oil from your car is a typical only-by-renault-tool to open it so I had to postpone that until next week so my teacher could bring that Renault tool with him.

The sparkplugs are also a very special and a small long size. Had to go to the bike workshop to find the right size..

The interior cabin filter is also a b*tch. I got the old one out but I can't seem to get the new one in. The filter is twice the size of the thing where you need to get it in. Plus you need to tilt in 90 degrees and it's at the footwell.. nice one Renault! If someone here has experience with replacing it, please share.

The easiest thing is the airfilter though.
Set the stereo

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DIY Service Empty Re: DIY Service

Post by Barbs on Sat 25 Apr 2015 - 7:56

That all sounds hard work but well done for learning. Don't want to loose you from here but the French Forum has at least one mechanic on it that might help. His name is Denys


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