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Highly addictive TANK video game

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Highly addictive TANK video game Empty Highly addictive TANK video game

Post by colin565 on Fri 8 Jan 2016 - 13:11

A simple tank battle in a maze, in real time against other players. Is most addictive, so beware  Very Happy 

You play as a team colour, till the team wins, by destroying all other tanks. Do not fire at your team mates.

You can click GUEST and change to a name you like.
Green spanner pickup is more energy
Red ammo pickup is better ammo
Blue shield pickup is a shield
Turret is your mouse, and direction keys movement.
Left mouse button is fire.

You do get better and faster as time goes on, but other players can be extremely good at the game. So watch out. Does your head in  Razz
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