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The Driving Annoyance thread

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The Driving Annoyance thread Empty The Driving Annoyance thread

Post by Barbs on Tue 13 Oct 2015 - 9:09

This morning driving to work on a road with a 50 limit a WHITE VAN MAN behind me. 

We know the visibility out of the Winds rear window is not good but all I could see was the radiator grill.  I indicated and pulled into the lane to turn right,  he then sped up to drive inches from the car in front.  How that annoys me.

You had any  similar incidents.  Vent your anger here. Twisted Evil   I feel so much better now.  Neutral

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The Driving Annoyance thread Empty Re: The Driving Annoyance thread

Post by knebby on Tue 13 Oct 2015 - 10:50

I just accept that some people are brainless. So much easier on myself than getting annoyed!

One of my head-scratching 'WHY??' moments is when you're on a motorway that isnt busy doing a reasonable speed and you're doing the correct thing, inside lane, pulling into the middle to overtake, pulling back in to the inside etc and for the few minutes that you might be in the middle lane someone comes right up behind you and stays there, even though the outside lane is free, then when you pull in they speed past and stay in the middle lane even though the inside lane is free. Sheer laziness and probably in cruise control, mentally and technically.
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