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Seat Elevation

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Seat Elevation Empty Seat Elevation

Post by pittstop on Sun 20 May 2018 - 14:14

Appreciate the Wind's two height adjustable seats which we both use on max height.  

Whilst I was happy to drive my past sports cars from a low seating position I find I prefer an elevated driving position in the Wind; & my wife's Captur;  even though I'm 5ft 11ins tall.

Thing is;even at max height; my wife who is 5ft 0ins still finds her forward view obstructed by the wiper mechanism.

Have been looking for an answer that fits the GT Line's passenger seat & matches the interior.

Finally found it:

It is: comfy for long runs; gives a decent height advantage; improves position of seat back contouring for a shorter person; matches the interior (grey); & it ain't expensive.

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