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New Footwell Carpets

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New Footwell Carpets Empty New Footwell Carpets

Post by renton beersworth on Sun 25 Nov 2018 - 16:47

Recently purchased my Renault Wind and discovered that there was no emergency tool to use in the event of roof failure. Approached Arnord Clark Renault in Edinburgh
who could supply one in about a week for £80 inc. vat. A bit steep I thought. After a short search on this site, discovered a post by Spudley informing us that a 4mm hex key would do the job. So bought a good quality one, long reach, with T bar for under a tenner. Thanks for the tip Spudley. Renault also wanted around £80 for a new set of footwell carpets. Had a search in Amazon and got a pair of black coloured tailored mats that fit perfect including stud fasteners for £15.99, they seem pretty good quality. For anyone interested the supplier was First Stop Wholesalers Ltd.

renton beersworth
Took the roof down

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