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My Laguna coupe

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My Laguna coupe Empty My Laguna coupe

Post by Alex1197 on Fri 23 Mar 2018 - 0:19

I love renault now. This is my other car to go along with my Wind.

Remapped to 211bhp.

Great all around car with 4 wheel steering. Im shocked renault dropped this and the wind!

My Laguna coupe 20170810

Took the roof down

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My Laguna coupe Empty Re: My Laguna coupe

Post by pittstop on Fri 23 Mar 2018 - 11:43

Good looking car & loads of kit for the money. 

When Renault dropped the Laguna/Wind/etc it was in deep trouble in the UK profit wise & a car like the Laguna needed to boost sales via the company car market where Ford & Vauxhall had a stranglehold thanks to high volumes allowing massive discounting which Renault couldn't match.

That said they sold well in France. There are still loads of Lagunas of all ages on the road over there.

Even now Renault do not compete in the Mondeo/Insignia class in the UK but they do have plenty of new models that are selling well, my wife's Capture among them.

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My Laguna coupe Empty Re: My Laguna coupe

Post by DarrenJ on Fri 23 Mar 2018 - 19:52

Nice I really like the laguna coupe. In the dealership when I got my Wind they had one of those pre registered too. Was very tempted but the deal was better on the Wind.
Did you get a local firm doing the remap or one of the national companies?
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My Laguna coupe Empty Re: My Laguna coupe

Post by ElNumbre on Sun 25 Mar 2018 - 12:48

I love the big French cars, and was sad to see them go from the market. I still have a hankering for the Vel Satis even though they're rarely in any kind of good condition these days.

I think the closely Laguna related Fluence sold even more poorly than the Wind, even though its electric powered sibling the Zoe does really well.  I think the problem is the British in general just don't dig big French cars.  In fact, in the last decade, the only big cars we tend to buy in numbers are from our German counterparts - it seems everyone wants a black bimmer on their driveway, even if its only the basic version with barely a stereo included for your money.  You only have to look at how few Mondeos and Insignia's there are on the roads.  Those who need a larger car have tended to go 'up' rather than out, which is why there are so many SUVs and Soft-roaders roaming the streets.  

When I went to Paris last year, I fell in love with the Renault Talisman, which seems to be the Laguna replacement,  but the closest we'll get is the new Megane.

My Laguna coupe ZVYO496

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My Laguna coupe Empty Re: My Laguna coupe

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