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Eibach or h&r

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Eibach or h&r Empty Eibach or h&r

Post by phillipleighton on Wed 17 Jan 2018 - 0:40

Fellow renault wind enthusiast's what springs are recommended between the pair currently iv got 3 different springs on my wind the 2 rear are standard renault the two front are cheap twingo springs from different manufacturers these have been replaced by previous owners now the drivers side front one has snapped again so looking to rip them all out and have a complete set fitted, So which brand is better I'm not too fussed about the car dropped to a inch of its life I'm 31 now and the days of me thinking im the ginger stig in my mini Cooper are long gone but which set is better to live with day to day I drive 50 mile a day to work and home down the A19 but don't get me wrong I do like to chuck it round a roundabout or two for some good fun so people I'm asking which type is fairly comfortable for me poor aching bones but at the same time you can still give it some beans without the car wanting to crash into a hard object with a colossal amount of understeer.... Many thanks

Set the stereo

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