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California in the 1960s

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California in the 1960s Empty California in the 1960s

Post by pittstop on Fri 11 Aug 2017 - 16:19

Yet another other car experience to share.

Back in April it was my 70th & my wife booked me 6 laps at Dunsfold in 7 Litre Mustang!! A replica of Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds

On the day the 7 litre was pronounced "broken" so initially they offered me mid engined options such as Ferrari or McLaren; which I refused; until a more sensible & mature member of the team said how about a smaller Mustang. That's more like it I said!

It appeared: a white with red racing stripes 1965 Mustang GT 350. (350 cubic inches translates into a mere 5.7 litres) After a little negotiation re not having the 7 litre & just happening to mention it was my 70th I eventually went out for 12 laps with a mentor who; once he'd pointed out the best braking points; realised I knew what I was doing in such a car & left me to it.

Yee Ha! Foot down, three speed autobox that smashed it's way between ratios. Who needs more gears with that much torque. Watch out for drum brakes all round & remember rear wheel drive in the rain means much oversteer. GREAT FUN

California in the 1960s Mustan10
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