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Air Con central vent

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Air Con central vent Empty Air Con central vent

Post by pittstop on Fri 9 Sep 2016 - 15:23

One thing about auto aircon in most cars is that when on AUTO it is very biased towards the dashboard vents. This is fine when you can direct/adjust the flow with flaps but, on the Wind, the central dashboard vent has no control. This tended to result in an uncontrolled blast of air to the neck & elbow regions but little out of the floor or screen vents. One can override the system to get auto temp control only out of the floor & screen vents but then no air from side dashboard vents. Answer: buy a weave effect silver place mat from Dunelm. Cut two pieces the size & shape of the central vents & stick them into place. Result much reduced flow from this vent but side dashboard vents still available to demist side windows. The silver weave effect does not look out of place at all.
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