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Wind "Stuff"

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Wind "Stuff" Empty Wind "Stuff"

Post by Mkstevo on Sat 1 Sep 2018 - 19:32

When I ordered my Wind, and for a while after, I craved information about the car and searched high and low. Some of the stuff I found I posted onto the (original) Forum, some was too large and some was subject to copyright when I tried to put it on YouTube.

There are some reviews, videos, some of the original adverts (possibly in French), videos from the first meet at Chatsworth, Instruction manuals, The Renault press release, the Wind sales brochure, software updates for the car stereo, all sorts of stuff.

Have a look. Feel free to share, download but most of all, enjoy!

Took the roof down

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Wind "Stuff" Empty Re: Wind "Stuff"

Post by Barbs on Sat 1 Sep 2018 - 20:38

@Mkstevo I will try and post these the Forum but you know my skills. .. 

A lot of our new members won't know how this forum came to life but without Mkstevo and his LOVE of the WIND we would not be here to pass on our knowledge.

He went to the dark side with a Fiat Spyder. I am not jealous at allllllllll. But at least he came to the BLUETOOTH side.


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