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Still Got Wind in my Hair

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Still Got Wind in my Hair Empty Still Got Wind in my Hair

Post by pittstop on Thu 5 Jul 2018 - 9:46

Returned a couple of days ago from a trip in the Wind to Collioure on the Cote Vermille (French Catalonia).

We've visited a lot of places on the Med & this rates as one of the best for couples in our opinion.

The Wind didn't miss a beat & averaged 36mpg even when cruising at over 4000rpm.

Minimal road noise or harshness from the 17 inch tyres all holiday until we got back to the UK!!

Even with the low overall gearing, keeping the VVT motor on the cam can sometimes involve unexpected gear changes. At one point going up a long autoroute incline, in the outside lane, I had to change down to 4th at 70mph to keep up when the Merc if front speeded up & I had a similar car on my tail!

Auto air con came into it's own on the way back in a 1 hr traffic jam with outside temps up to 36 C. We stayed cool.

Only downside: some days it was actually too hot to put the roof down,

Even better. After serving us well on holiday the Wind passed it's MoT with flying colours this morning.

The Wind in your hair

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Still Got Wind in my Hair Empty Re: Still Got Wind in my Hair

Post by Huw (Barry The Renault) on Sun 8 Jul 2018 - 9:17

Great account - warms my heart.
Wind motoring is a unique experience.

Huw (Barry The Renault)
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