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How To: Image Posting

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How To: Image Posting

Post by ElNumbre on Mon 5 Mar 2018 - 19:10

A few people have asked how to add images to the site.  There are several providers who support sharing with phpBB forums - this guide is for my favourite, which has a reasonable Web Interface and Mobile App.  This guide covers posting from the desktop web app.

1) Make sure you're registered
Goto the website, and click Sign In.
You'll get a pop-up box, and next to the sign-in button, you'll see a link saying 'need an account?'  Click that, and you'll be prompted to register.

You can registered with a variety of social media websites, or natively on the site.

2) Once you're registered, sign in.
If you don't see your username in the top right, click  sign in, then provide the credentials to authenticate.

3) Once signed in, click your username in the top right, then choose images.

4) To add an image, click Add Image.   When you get more advanced, you can add a sequence of images to an album.

5) Follow the instructions for adding a picture, either by browsing your PC, or dragging and dropping pictures onto the window.  If you've copied an image link from elsewhere, you can also paste the URL in too.

6) After a short while, your picture(s) will be added, and appear in your Images folder.

Click the image to open it.  

7) Once you can see your image, look for the BBCode link in the right hand column.

Click the COPY link.   Note, if your image is very large,  you can change the sizing in the sizing window

then re-copy the image link.

8 ) On your forum post,  paste the link generated into your post.

Then you're done!
Click Preview to see how it looks, or click Send to submit it straight away.



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Re: How To: Image Posting

Post by Barbs on Tue 23 Oct 2018 - 6:45

How to post pics.


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