A couple of tweaks to the forum

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A couple of tweaks to the forum

Post by ElNumbre on Mon 29 Jan 2018 - 21:58

I'd just like to mention a couple of tweaks to the forum to increase engagement and help all of our members.

The first is a ranking system which will display a small sub-headline on your profile based upon how many posts you've made to the forum.  This will help others see if you've been an active member of the forum.

These are currently:
In the carpark 0  
Started the engine 1+  
Set the stereo 10+  
Took the roof down 25+  
Put the sunglasses on    50+  
Cruising down the highway   75+  
The Wind in your hair   100+

These are likely to evolve over time (ideas and suggestions welcome).

The second change is that it is now possible to list your Model type, Engine Size and any limited edition numbering if you've a Collection or Gordini.  It would be useful if you could complete this in your Profile as we will then be able to get some statistics and track the special editions in the future.

I hope our members find these changes useful, and are the start of an evolution of the forum to improve the experience and retain & encourage new contributors.

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Re: A couple of tweaks to the forum

Post by johntymac on Tue 30 Jan 2018 - 10:36

wind cheers

Put the sunglasses on

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