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Speedo dials

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Speedo dials Empty Speedo dials

Post by Bunyip on Sun 24 Sep 2017 - 9:17

Hi all
I've thought Renault should have produced a set of white dials for the Wind instead of the black ones in order to make them easier to read either in daylight or at night.
So with no more ado I looked at Lockwood who produce dials for Renalt and various other manafactures.
Sadly they have not produced a set for the Wind yet, but after contacting them they offered to make a set for me after I sent them a couple of photos.
Again sadly they wanted nearly £300 for the pleasure and they also wanted me to supply them with a set of black ones so they could copy them in white. Shocked
Surprisingly perhaps I declined their kind offer, others they have done vary in price from £29 - £45.
Which is a more affordable price, just thought you might be interested and if someone has a spare £300 and a set of black ones to use as a template - perhaps subsequent sets may be cheaper. Laughing lol!
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Speedo dials Empty Re: Speedo dials

Post by ElNumbre on Sun 24 Sep 2017 - 18:02

£300? Bloominek!
I wonder if white dials would improve visibility, particularly in sunny conditions.

With the move to LCD dials in many modern cars, wonder if there is an upgrade path there?

Speedo dials ZVYO496

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