New/Old Experience!

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New/Old Experience!

Post by pittstop on Fri 11 Aug 2017 - 15:36

Had cause to give one of the older gentlemen at the golf club a lift & as he felt unable to climb in & out of the Wind; he is 90 next birthday; I drove his car.

A new/old experience which in some areas can teach modern cars a thing or two.

OK: It had little power; woolly steering, brakes that required a good push, & sloppy suspension/cornering. Forget boy racer driving styles.

BUT: Throttle response was consistent & smooth (cable operated of course!); clutch was equally smooth; very low engine & tyre noise made for very peaceful progress; & the gear change was like a knife through butter. Why can't our modern cars offer these benefits?

What was it: An owned from new 1989 Toyota Carina saloon.

OK I wouldn't want to drive to the South of France in it; unless I had plenty of spare time; but overall it was a surprisingly pleasant experience.

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