Alarm Issues when Bonnet Open

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Alarm Issues when Bonnet Open

Post by ElNumbre on Sun 6 Aug 2017 - 16:16

Just had an issue where, trying to leave the car on charge, if you lock it without closing the bonnet fully, it will issue a rather annoying shrill 'beep'.  Okay if you live in the middle of no-where, but in an urban environment, will upset your neighbours in about 3 minutes.  lol!

Luckily, its easy to override - there is a sensor on the front lip that must be depressed to tell the car its closed.  Because its a contact switch, you can also disconnect to get the same result. There is a little clip on the underneath of the connector which just needs to be pulled back to release the cable.

The picture is from above the engine bay, with the front of the car at the bottom of the picture. The button sensor is the thing on the left, to the right of the filler tank.  The cable is shown centre.


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