Hello from a tiny village in Germany

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Hello from a tiny village in Germany

Post by marelro on Fri 21 Jul 2017 - 13:08


My name is Martina - I live in the small village Kuhardt in Rhineland-Palatinate (that is rather in the West of Germany).
I am the owner of a Wind TCE 100 Night and Day (09/2010) for some years now.
This car is the luxury in my life!  
My first convertible was a Peugeot 205 - I would never have bought one, but due to a tragical death of the bride of a former friend from my youth (cleaning halogen spots and hitting the radiator with her knee) he had this car to sell and was lucky to give it to someone he knew well.
After that Peugeot I clang to my Astra convertible (I think in the UK it was called Vauxhall?) for many years - I did not want to buy the successors as they did not have a decent boot. I let it have two new engines and anlways waited for a "decent boot convertible" to see the light of day. I was really frustrated until one day on the road home on the bridge over the river Rhine there was this unknown vehicle in front of me.
The rest is quickly told. I was wowed by  a video in the internet where a journalist came climbing out of the boot of the Wind to present this cute car.
And the price! Most people that see this car think it costs 10.000 EUR more that what it is worth.
I bought in in summer 2012 - and I am as lucky married to it as I am with my husband (for 36 years now).

I now ran into 2 problems that let me search for help - and I found that this is the only decent forum for Winds.
So here I am!
I am not very technical - but glad to help if I ever can.

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Re: Hello from a tiny village in Germany

Post by Barbs on Fri 21 Jul 2017 - 19:15

Welcome to the Family.


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Re: Hello from a tiny village in Germany

Post by ElNumbre on Sat 22 Jul 2017 - 23:05

Guten abend Martina,

You have had an interesting journey to Wind ownership. It is lovely to see our friends from Europe joining us, I think there are a few. @Barbs has a Facebook group for native German speakers who own Winds too.


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Re: Hello from a tiny village in Germany

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