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DAB Upgrades

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DAB Upgrades Empty DAB Upgrades

Post by ElNumbre on Thu 14 Jul 2016 - 20:51

Has anyone done a DAB upgrade in their Wind?   I stream digital radio over 4G and Bluetooth which works fine, but obviously uses up my data allowance.  Plus, when I drive past certain places with free wifi, there is a drop out whilst the phone tries to join the hotspot then disconnect again.

It seems the general assessment is that there isn't a native plug-in module for the Wind radio from what I've read, so it seems like a choice of changing the radio or buying a DAB upgrade module.   I won't really want another screen on display over my Android tablet, and I don't want to loose the functionality of the Renault central LCD until the point I come to changing it for a larger LCD screen.

I was therefore looking at something like the AutoDAB SmartDab or Dension DAB+U
Neither are perfect, but look like I could live with the interfaces.

Has anyone got any experience of fitting a DAB aerial into the Wind?  Many of the solutions have stick on windscreen aerials, but I like to keep my screen clear of 'stuff'.   I wondered how well it would install in either the roll over hoop area on the rear bulkhead, or maybe in the boot area given that it seems to be made from fiberglass so shouldn't obstruct the signal too much.   I'm not sure if DAB is better in the vertical or horizontal position.

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