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Wind Gordini Project

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Wind Gordini Project Empty Wind Gordini Project

Post by lsmeed on Tue 17 Mar 2015 - 14:51

So I'm about to start putting some upgrades on my car as a slow project but I thought I would get down what I was planning and tick it off as I go. Hopefully inviting some comment and ideas from others as well as I'm starting with the basics I know I want to do but beyond that I'm very open to suggestions.

Engine mods
BMC CDA Enclosed induction kit
Supersprint catback exhaust
Custom remap
Coloured coolant hoses

Suspension/brake mods
Apex suspension lowering springs
Brembo HC Disks Front and back
DS2500 pads front and rear
Kam Racing braided brake hoses

Cosmetic mods
VERY open to ideas, will definately be doing the roof liner as suggested, will probably paint the brake calipers when I replace the brakes but other than that I'm just looking around at the moment.

I am making a start on thursday as I have got the brakes and pads ready to fit. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions just throw them at me! (custom made parts will be considered as a work in design and engineering so do have access to some fabricators and 3D design software).

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Wind Gordini Project Empty Re: Wind Gordini Project

Post by Araf on Tue 17 Mar 2015 - 18:47

I think MOving Shadow had a BMC on his, so may be worth asking how he liked it. Smile

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